Records Management

Modernize your data tracking, file systems and records management with our filing and software division

FileIT Solutions

 Our Advantage: we offer the Team, Technology and Selection to help you bring your records and file management into the future.

Relieve file overload! Streamline records organization and eliminate misfiling with optimized retention and organization. Reduce physical records and time spent managing paper to ensure productivity and prompt service. Updating your filing and records management system with us will reduce physical records, save the time lost searching for missing files and provide file security piece of mind. We can also help you develop a strategy to begin electronically converting and eliminating physical records.

Our experience in planning, policy development and balancing data privacy and access will bring your organization in line with leading industry practice. From consultation to sales and implementation, we offer a full suite of services like analysis and review of your current file system, development of a conversion roadmap, and transition to efficiency with an updated file system design.

Rely on FileIT Solutions to:

  • Assess your file storage system needs
  • Design your best fit organizational and technical approach
  • Maintain legislation and standards compliance
  • Create custom label designs to integrate with your existing setup
  • Provide onsite physical and electronic file system implementation
  • Continue after the fact support with both troubleshooting and supplies

We will provide you with the experience, advice and solutions your organization needs, start to finish.


 File IT Solutions’ in-house technical solutions will allow you to effectively manage and coordinate records access. EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management Services) tools like barcode scan signout and inventory, RFID tagging and tracking and custom alphanumeric colour coding allow: 

  • Precise data access management
  • Individual file control
  • Effective document ownership tracking
  • Accurate records access history

Our technological approach informs legislation and standards compliance, from ISO certification to industry and government retention schedules.

We carry a complete suite of file and records management products allowing us to provide your company with the perfect fit solution:

  • Colour coded systems
  • Custom Software
  • Printing
  • Plain labels
  • File folders
  • Integration with physical records storage

Our consultants will work hand in hand with our file shelving division to adapt your current storage and filing structure to create more secure and dynamic records setup. Reducing file storage space, loss and time spent is how we can help you.

If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a consultation please contact our FileIT Business Development Manager Laurie Phillips at (250)-388-4123, or by email at

For any other inquiries, please contact us at Matthews Store Fixtures and Shelving at 250-388-4123 (Toll Free 1-800-964-1281) or at