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We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:30, and are closed on weekends and all statutory holidays.

We offer custom printing of your company logo on a wide variety of bags, including paper, plastic, bio-degradable plastic, and reusable non-woven fabric bags. Contact us today for further information, and our agents can help find the size and style that’s right for your company.

FileIT Solutions

Assess your file storage system needs
Design your best fit organizational and technical approach
Maintain legislation and standards compliance
Create custom label designs to integrate with your existing setup
Provide onsite physical and electronic file system implementation
Continue after the fact support with both troubleshooting and supplies
We will provide you with the experience, advice and solutions your organization needs, start to finish.

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We are in the process of offer offering our products online. As we have a very large inventory, this will take time but please check back regularily.