Damotech rack repair products are more cost effective than a column replacement and are a permanent solution. Stop the damage-repair cycle with Damotech, just install it and forget it. No more rack replacement, period.

Install It & Forget It

Damotech has a complete line of products to permanently repair upright damage. For your rack protection, Damotech offers a revolutionary protector that is forklift proof to avoid column damage.

We have certified installers all over the country available to repair permanently your damaged rack. Our first goal is to avoid rack collapses or inconvenience related to unstable or unsecured racking systems. Nobody deserves to be put at risk. The safety of your warehouse is our priority.

The Damotech products are designed to fit any type of rack, respect the original configuration and the integrity of your racking system. All our products are custom made to answer your needs and repair your specific rack damages.

Depending on the heights of your damages, the pallet racking repair takes less than 1 hour to install, most of the time with minimal or no rack unloading.

Please direct any inquiries to our sales staff at sales@matthewsdisplay.com or by phone at 250-388-4123