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Racking Systems Products

Cantilever Racking

  Cantilever racking is an industrial racking solution optimized for large, wide loads like wood or piping. It has a bolted and reinforced I-Beam post and arm construction with heavy duty base feet and features customizable heights, level counts and capacities. Systems are also available as covered units with integrated shelters to create cost effective outdoor storage.

  Cantilever's vertical design eliminates interference caused by traditional uprights, allowing of products of any length to be easily stored, including laminate, carpeting, steel beams or drywall. The adjustable height also removes any load height restrictions. To add increased safety over traditional racking, angled arms and retaining bars eliminate spillage or product falling from lifts.

  The high capacity and unique design of Cantilever stops dangerous double stacking and helps keep warp out of normally unsupported products like plywood or lumber.   It reduces time spent moving material and eliminates the need to deal with dunnage, easily crushed skids or other makeshift fork entry approaches.


We can provide you a new Cantilever Racking installation or incorporate it into your existing shelving to save cost and increase capacity. Please contact us at sales@matthewsdisplay.com or by phone at 250-388-4123 (Toll Free 1-800-964-1281)