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Service and Satisfaction


 Our qualified, experienced staff offer a full range of services from plan to completion. From project consulting to installation or modification of your existing storage, we can design, build or repair to suit any purpose. We fully support all of our products and offer full installation services for our retail, commercial or warehouse products.

 Our goal is making sure any storage solution suits your needs exactly, that it is well designed and that it is properly secured and anchored. From epoxy bolts to wedge anchors, our speciality is peace of mind.  
 We have experience with and repair every type of commercial shelving, whether it's mobile, stationary or antique.
 For projects large or small, the Matthews sales and installation team provides the support and service to get the job done.

 Please contact us with any inquiries, we are happy to answer any questions or send one of our consultants to help you move on your storage needs, either by email at sales@matthewsdisplay.com or by phone at 250-388-4123.