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Racking Systems Products

Pallet (Selective) Racking

  Traditonal pallet racking offers the most economical and versatile approach to warehouse storage. Using an upright frame and load beam construction, systems can be customized with single or double pallet capacity, decking for loose product storage and a range of sizes and capacities.

  Choose Matthews for your rack project for a full selection of products and and everything you need for a complete solution, including:

  • The capacities and structural designs to meet your application needs
  • Industry leading anchor technologies for maximum security and safety 
  • Custom capacity options like heavy duty reinforced uprights, bolted stuctural beam systems and increased anchor count foot plates
  • Access to all manufacturers and makes of systems
  • A large selection of used material to keep your costs down

Our industry experienced representatives can help you plan your capacity and growth needs and  all of our systems and designs are engineered to meet specific requirements. Please contact us any questions or inquiries at sales@matthewsdisplay.com or by phone at 250-388-4123 (Toll Free 1-800-964-1281)